I’ve fallen down an internet rabbit hole! My current work = reading about cosplay. Cosplay is part of fandom, and I feel disconnected from fandom so I started listening to Fansplaining to get me back in touch, and that took me to Wattpad, and then I started reading a Wattpad blog post that linked to Fanlore (which I already knew about but have never explored in-depth) and now I guess I’m going to just die of starvation while reading all of Fanlore? But also, please stay tuned for details about my upcoming fic, Rupert Giles, Actual School Librarian.

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  1. @kimberlyhirsh Fandom is an incredibly fascinating topic and there are so many niche interests out there. Thanks for the post! If you’re interested in tech fandom as well, I wrote an honours thesis a few years ago on Apple fans.

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