Because what is a blog for, if not to plug your friends?

This is a reading blog, and my friend Sonja Foust is an author.  She’ll be published on Friday, the same day as the new Ninja Turtles movie comes out.  I think she should be flattered to share the spotlight with some of the greatest characters known to comics, TV, movies, and merchandising.

Sonja is first and foremost a romance writer, and her short story “Love in Shadow” is being published by The Wild Rose Press. I can even recommend it whole-heartedly here, as it was rated PG by ECataromance (sadly no actual cats). It also got 5 STARS. Her dog Sydney, who I’m pretty sure is not a double agent, did not enjoy it as much.

Still, my friend is a published author! I am totally cool by proximity, because we went to high school and college together and we live in the same city. And she’s coming to my show Saturday.

I’m awesome.

Someday, I will have an achievement that is my own.

2 responses on “Because what is a blog for, if not to plug your friends?”

  1. Wow I feel a speshul and stuff. 🙂 And it’s totally rad that the Ninja Turtles are coming out today. Also, it is payday. Also, it is my friend Heather’s birthday. Also, it is my parents’ move-into-their-empty-nester-condo day. Also, it is one week exactly after my sister’s engagement… Whew, it is a BIG DAY!

    Can’t wait for the Pinafore! (Do you have anyone who looks like Hugh Jackman because my only real experience with Gilbert & Sullivan is Data from Star Trek singing I Am The Modern Model of a Something, and Hugh Jackman singing the same in Kate & Leopold.)

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