Now that it’s been gifted, I can share my latest #xstitch. Text designed by @hirralee. Skyline inspired by an image I found via Google Image Search but was unable to track down the original artist of. Seven stars at the top represent the Pleiades, which are on the Durham city flag and are located in the shoulder of the constellation Taurus, the bull. #xstitchersofinstagram #bullcity #durtydurham #durhamnc
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So get creative βœ¨πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œβœ¨ (via @spirit.speak) #Numinous #Numiverse #peace #makelove #happyholidays #highvibelife #materialgirlmysticalworld
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I have pulled the two of wands twice this week. From #wtfistarot by @bakaraw "In this card, we may feel energized by another person, and it can speak to a meaningful but short-lived connection. Maybe it is a twin flame, but not a soul mate." The other night I did a three card spread (past/present/future) and it came up The Hermit/Judgment/Nine of Swords. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings. As always. I’ve also drawn a lot of letting go cards in my daily this week. I GET THE MEMO, UNIVERSE.
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My Word for 2018: LOVE

I found my word for 2018, and it is LOVE.

In 2018, I will love myself as much as I love anyone else, and I will love my body as much as I love my mind and my heart.

In 2018, I will work to be sure my love is apparent to everyone I love. I won’t hide it out of fear of overwhelming them. I won’t let exhaustion and busyness keep me from expressing it. The people I love are strong enough to receive my love undiluted and I am strong enough to give it.

In 2018, I will show up with love in the world every day. Love is my own personal brand of magic and it always has been.

This year, I’ve really come to embrace love as my core value, and I have simultaneously grown frustrated with people – myself included – not matching their actions to their stated values. In 2018, I will become a human incarnation of love, a glowing manifestation of love.

In 2018, I will let my love light up the world.


The Nintendo Switch Gave Me Back My Video Games

The Nintendo Switch Gave Me Back My Video Games by Mark Serrels (Kotaku)
For the longest time it felt as though video games were growing up with me.
Yes, this.

When my son was a tiny thing, I could strap him into his carrier and wear him to sleep as I sunk hours into Dragon Age Inquisition or Final Fantasy XV. But as he’s gotten more mobile, that’s stopped being an option. The Switch solves this problem beautifully. I can play as he naps and stay at his side. If I wake up early, I can play. I think it will take me forever to beat Breath of the Wild but that’s fine.

I love the Switch.

The question I ask the cards for my #dailytarot draw is, "What energy am I living in today?" In the wake of the Alabama special election, the 6 of swords feels right.
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In praise of academic spouses

In praise of academic spouses by Thesis Whisperer (The Thesis Whisperer)
It’s almost Christmas time, when many of us have a bit of time with our families. It seems an appropriate place to pause and think about the myriad of ways that our families provide support for many of us.
Moira Hansen has written a beautiful piece here about academic spouses.

As I was reading it, I nearly teared up thinking of the amazing ways W. has supported me – for our entire almost-20-years-together (yes, we got together very young) – but especially in the past two and a half years.

There are of course all the amazing daily things he handles – dishes, laundry, grocery runs, takeout orders.

And standard academic spouse moments: listening as I work out a new idea, talking me through impostor syndrome, telling me that I should apply for conferences and grants even if I think my idea is dumb.

But also, like, crazy champion moments: making sure I eat in the middle of a paper writing marathon…

Best life partner brings you Mattie B’s while you work on your paper. #readerimarriedhim

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…and being my rock as I’ve been tossed upon the seas of impostor syndrome and anxiety that are so common among doctoral students.

So yes. Let’s hear it for the partners of academics. They are amazing people.

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