Unfollowing Everybody by Anil DashAnil Dash (Anil Dash)
...our social networks are not things we generally think of as requiring maintenance or upkeep, even though we routinely do regular updates on all the other aspects of our digital lives. Keeping in mind that spirit of doing necessary maintenance, I recently did something I'd thought about doing for years: I unfollowed everyone on Twitter.

I’m probably going to unfollow everybody from Twitter on Monday. Please don’t take it personally. I’ll then be adding my closest people back, and creating lists so it’s easy to find everybody else later. I just need my default feed to be quieter.

I saw @tceles_B_hsup play Dickon in The Secret Garden. He was dreamy. A couple years later we were in a production of Brigadoon together. I played his dad. It’s been 20 yrs. Our kid is almost 2. @tceles_B_hsup is still dreamy.
Ombre star print georgette shoulder ties dress (
Our ombre star print georgette dress is designed to flatter and enhance with an angled pleat surplice bodice, banded empire waist and ruched pleat full skirt.
I bought this dress & wore it to a wedding recently and basically I want this to be my whole aesthetic now.
Things I like: space, unicorns, space unicorns, cats, space cats on unicorns, goth stuff, cupcakes, books, food smells but not floral smells, ghosts, mermaids, pirates, pirate ghost mermaids (like a mermaid died and became a ghost and then took up piracy)…

…ghost cats, mercats, pirate cats, 80s fantasy movies and cartoons, crystals, some but not all tarot cards, pictures where there’s like a galaxy inside somebody’s uterus or whatever, crafts, zines even though I have only read like one (CROQzine 4eva), fandom, some comedy…

Most music genres that end with “wave,” literal waves from the ocean, the ocean, bioluminescence, coral, the moon, and now we’re back to space.