Fostering Family Learning with Video Games by Sinem SiyahhanSinem Siyahhan (
“For me, my kids playing Halo is no different than playing outside and coming up with scenarios that seem kind of violent like our kids… they could be outside playing Nerf guns and pretending to shoot each other and die. I can go outside and play Nerf guns with my kids and we can be playing in the neighborhood. And I don’t get questioned about that, but I get questioned about Halo.” —Abigail, a mother of four daughters

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And now we have everything: On motherhood before I was ready (
O'Connell is a smart twentysomething who treats her pregnancy like a new project, researching and planning. She envisions a natural birth and a year of wholesome breast feeding. But things do not go as she expects. Life throws curveballs, and after 40 hours of contractions, she opts for a C-section. She manages to nurse for a year but resents her baby's control over her body. This is not a book about the wonders of motherhood but about the tension between culturally inherited ideals and the realities of lived, bodily experience.

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In his newsletter last week and this week, Austin Kleon has recommended several reads about walking. Given my reminder yesterday about the value of a good walk, I wanted to capture his recommendations so I can come back later. I didn’t want to have to dig through the newsletter archives, so I’m creating a list here. (Amazon links have Austin Kleon’s affiliate code in them.)

No Twitter

Yesterday I posted about how I’m done posting directly to Facebook. Today, I’m announcing the same thing about Twitter. As with Facebook, I’m not disappearing entirely. Instead, I’m syndicating out to Twitter from my own website, I will be able to receive Twitter replies, likes, retweets, etc on the original post at my website. I can also send all of those things from my own site.

As for Twitter’s other functionality… I have, in the past, declared Twitter bankruptcy, unfollowing everyone and then refollowing. It’s harder than it used to be in the past, and I don’t necessarily want to lose track of anyone I’m following right now. So for the time being, I’m noticing when I do browse Twitter which accounts I am finding most valuable. Then I’m using to create RSS feeds of those accounts and subscribing to them in Feedly.

If you want to know who I’m following, I’ve got a page for that on my website.

The other key functionality that Twitter has for me is the use of hashtags to aggregate posts about conferences or on Twitter chats. For those purposes, I’m using Tweetdeck and creating a column for each relevant hashtag. My likes and retweets will be posted from my website and then syndicated back out to Twitter.

If you mention me on Twitter without replying directly to a tweet of mine, it should still ping me on my website. I’ve got a special page for Mentions. It’s not linked where anyone but me can see it without typing the URL in directly, but you can trust that I will see it.