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This is going to be great! I’m about 99% certain I was Anya in the first ever OMWF sing-along in February 2002. (I was def Anya, not sure it was first ever.) I’m hella jealous of @MegamiNyc rn.
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  1. Chicken Tikka Masala
    I’ve created a lightened up, dairy-free Chicken Tikka Masala with Cauliflower and Peas in the Instant Pot to satisfy my craving for Indian food! This mild curry is made with boneless chicken thighs cooked in a tomato base, with lots of spices and coconut milk. You can serve this with garlic naan or basmati rice on the side (cauliflower rice would work too to keep it low carb!)
  2. Shawarma
  3. Salmon
    Are you like me and NEVER remember to defrost your fish for dinner? This Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Salmon is going to rock your socks then! Wildly easy to throw together, super flavorful and cooked to perfections FROM FROZEN in your handy dandy IP….this going to be your new fast food!
It seems like the authors of Affinity Online ( deliberately chose to use the phrase “online affinity networks” as opposed to Gee’s “affinity spaces,” but the book doesn’t offer an explanation why. The section that explains the term simply states:

We describe the groups we have studied as “online affinity networks” to distinguish them from long-standing affinity groups and networks that have predated the online world. We call them “online” affinity networks as a shorthand to distinguish them from affinity networks that are primarily grounded in place-based activities and organizations, and we are not implying that they are not “real,” tied to face-to-face interactions, or embedded in physical infrastructures.

I’m curious about the distinction in terms, especially as the book references Gee’s work. Time to get in touch with the authors!

“It will surprise you not one bit,” I said to my friends some months ago after an escape room and lunch, “that the only reason I got into Tarot is because of a Piers Anthony novel.”

Returning to my reading roots today with my desert island book. It’s worth noting that as so many book covers are, this one is whitewashed.

I don’t expect it will have aged well, but I’m going to give it a try anyway.