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Later – today, I hope – I will be writing a response to Bookseller Chick’s Writer as Blogger, Blogger as Writer post. I will talk about why I started this blog especially, when I had others I could’ve written. I’ll talk about why I chose LJ as my publishing platform. I’ll talk about some other stuff too.

But I want to do that when I’m coherent enough to make sense, and now is not that time.

So I’ll just tell you the tiny revelation I had today while out picking up my medicine:
I don’t need to read books in the order they are on my bookshelf, or for the express purpose of cutting down on the number of books I have. That takes all the joy out of it. I need to read books because I want to read them. That is how one should go about reading, especially as a leisure activity. Just as I don’t read books because they’re “good for me,” so I should not read them just to see if I can bear to part with them.

So I’m doing away with the “Upcoming” part of my booklist, because if I make that part? I feel like I have to stick to it.

And that’s silly.

More later!

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