The works of Martin Millar were high up there. I (think I) read them all. I didn’t enjoy “Lux the Poet” as much as the others, but “Lonely Werewolf Girl,” “Suzy, Led Zepplin, and Me,” and “The Good Fairies of New York” were all the kind of books where if they were food, you would totally pick up the plate and lick it after you were done. I want more more more, and I hope he writes it.

(ooh… a googling tells me I was wrong and there are more written both under his real name and a psuedonym! Hazzah!)

According to my list, I read 39 books before starting school this year, and then only seven afterwords, not counting comics. I abondoned probably twice that seven midway through, having put them down for too long to remember what was compelling about them.

My goal for next year isn’t numeric, but I’d like to finish everything I start. I (finally) got “The Time Traveler’s Wife” through paperback swap, so that’s first on the list, though I want to wrap up “The Midwich Cuckoos” and “Universe X” before I start.