I’m Kimberly Hirsh, a writer, an expert learner, and performer.

I write here about lifelong learning, information literacy, academic writing, life as a new-ish parent, the internet, living with chronic illness, and whatever I’m learning at the moment.


The belief that drives all of my work and life is that we are our best selves when we:

  1.  pursue the things that light us up and
  2. bring our whole selves into everything we do.

The lessons we’re always learning are probably the best lessons we have to share with the world, and mine is that each time you add a new element to your identity, you have the opportunity to integrate it with who you were before, and use all those parts of yourself to be amazing in every part of your life.

These beliefs and lessons are directly connected to my work as a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science. My primary research interest is Connected Learning in Libraries.  Connected Learning is learning in which learners pursue personal interests within a network of supportive relationships, and those pursuits provide them with academic, civic, or professional opportunities.

For example, as a teenager, I performed with a community theater company, where I made friends with both other teens and adults. As a result of this pursuit, I gained experience with performing, technical aspects of the theater, designing websites, and serving on non-profit boards. Since then, I’ve had two jobs that drew on my web design skills and have served on several other non-profit boards.

I document my own Connected Learning, and a lot of other stuff, on this website. I’ve got more than ten years of blog archives here ranging from young adult literature book reviews to musings on performing improvisational comedy to meditations on matrescence. Here are some places you might dive in:

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If you need to feel solidarity as a parent of a young child, read To Somebody You Are an Expert, Toddler Parent Responsibilities, and On living a fragmented life.

If you need advice for living with chronic illness, read Tips for Spoonies on an Elimination Diet and Planning Microtasks to Match Your Energy.

If you want some improv comedy tips, read Advanced Improv Notes: Consequences and Advanced Improv Notes: Referential Humor.

If you’re really excited about something new but don’t know where to begin with it, read What I’m Learning: Cosplay and How to Learn Anything.

If you need help starting a podcast, read Starting a Podcast: Resources and Starting a Podcast: Process.

If you want to get to know me better, read About Me: The Long Version. Or find me elsewhere, look at who I’m following, or see what other people have said about me.

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