I’ve fallen down an internet rabbit hole! My current work = reading about cosplay. Cosplay is part of fandom, and I feel disconnected from fandom so I started listening to Fansplaining to get me back in touch, and that took me to Wattpad, and then I started reading a Wattpad blog post that linked to Fanloreย (which I already knew about but have never explored in-depth) and now I guess I’m going to just die of starvation while reading all of Fanlore? But also, please stay tuned for details about my upcoming fic,ย Rupert Giles, Actual School Librarian.
Writing music and reading music are different music. My writing music is video game or film scores. My reading music is chill beats, piano, quiet instrumental stuff. What about you? What’s your writing music? What’s your reading music?
I need to be reading & writing about information literacy as a sociocultural/sociotechnical practice, but I think swiss cheese Mom-brain is incompatible with Practice Theory. I just can’t handle words like “ontological” and “epistemological” when I’m running on 2 weeks of poor sleep because of my kid teething and never napping.

I’m trying to find a word to help me navigate these times in 2019. Something having to do with cycles… Being like the moon or like water… Working hard at high tide? Still figuring it out.