It seems like the authors of Affinity Online ( deliberately chose to use the phrase “online affinity networks” as opposed to Gee’s “affinity spaces,” but the book doesn’t offer an explanation why. The section that explains the term simply states:

We describe the groups we have studied as “online affinity networks” to distinguish them from long-standing affinity groups and networks that have predated the online world. We call them “online” affinity networks as a shorthand to distinguish them from affinity networks that are primarily grounded in place-based activities and organizations, and we are not implying that they are not “real,” tied to face-to-face interactions, or embedded in physical infrastructures.

I’m curious about the distinction in terms, especially as the book references Gee’s work. Time to get in touch with the authors!

To distract me from my current “The world is a garbage fire” emotional spiral, here’s a bunch of labels I’m okay with, woo-woo or otherwise.
* Type A-
* Obliger
* Cancer
* 4
* Projector
& my voice values: enthusiasm, helpfulness, transparency
& my signature strengths: humor, love, creativity, love of learning, curiosity
Me, to my colleagues: I could really use a tote bag for the flight home. Y’all think I’ll be able to find a tote bag at this librarian conference? #alaac19
A little over a year ago, I told a friend:

Started blogging in my bullet journal, realized this is just journaling…

And that’s where I’ll be blogging for the next little bit.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I’m going on hiatus for a bit. I’m anticipating returning in July, but it might be sooner, might be later. Comments are off on all posts more than 1 day old; webmentions will be received but probably not displayed.

See you later!

I’m taking a digital hiatus of sorts starting Friday, 5/10/2019. I haven’t decided how locked down will be. At the very least, comments will be turned off for all pages and posts. It’s possible I’ll design a landing page about my hiatus and then set all other pages and posts to private. It’s also possible I’ll put the whole thing behind password protection.

Anyway, if you need to reach me, you probably already know how, but if not, let’s get that set up in the next couple days.