When my mind is sharp, I work on my comprehensive exams. When it’s fuzzy but not dull, I work on IndieWeb stuff. When it’s dull, I work on my podcast. When my body has energy, I tidy. When I’m ready to trade outputs for inputs, I listen to podcasts. In any given moment, I check in with myself and let how I feel guide my next action.

Me, to the toddler at lullaby time: And now, something seasonal. sings “Gethsemane”
@tceles_B_hsup: I thought you were gonna go with “Everything’s Alright”
Me: Hi I’m Kimberly.

ME: OMG this book is great, why haven’t more people cited it? checks publication date sees “2017” OHHHH….

(Seriously, though: Sarah R. Davies is the first academic author I’ve noticed connecting the new domesticity to the Maker Movement.)