@allisunrae I’m definitely still working on the critique part. But honestly, if you simultaneously synthesize instead of summarize AND provide a strong description of each study’s context, methods, and results, you’ll be way ahead of most people.
Control not Disruption as My #IndieWeb Goal by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION)
I hate disruption. The word, not the noun. Disruption occurs everywhere but it is rarely a goal we should strive for in education. We band it about like many cliches in edtech: personalized learning, blockchain, badges, and Web 2.0. Yet nothing gets disrupted in schools. The term disruption evolved ...
With respect to standardized markup around online courses, are you familiar with lrmi.dublincore.org ? I don’t think it’s exactly what you are looking to create, but it may be relevant to your interests.