Library List!

Here’s what I hope to pick up on my next trip to the library: 
The Silver Child, Cliff McNish – because its sequel was a Cybils nominee 
Kristy’s Great Idea: A Graphic Novel, Ann M. Martin – Cybils 
To Dance, Siena Siegel – Cybils 
American Born Chinese, Gene Yang – Cybils 
Castle Waiting, Linda Medley – Cybils 
Dramacon Vol 1, Svetlana Chmakova – Cybils 
La Perdida, Jessica Abel – Cybils 
A Drowned Maiden’s Hair: A Melodrama, Laura Amy Schlitz – Cybils 
Framed, Frank Cottrell Boyce – Cybils 
Heat, Mike Lupica – Cybils 
Weedflower [sound recording], Cynthia Kadohata – Cybils 
The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things, Carolyn Mackler – readergirlz 
Aria of the Sea, Dia Calhoun – readergirlz 
Make Lemonade, Virginia Euwer Wolff

Last trip I got 7 books, this time I hope to get 14.  I do everything in multiples of 7.

Things to get eventually but not now, due to unavailability: 
Babymouse – All of them! But I have to read them in order. It’s an OCD type thing. I read BSC in order, for goodness’ sake. (Again because of the Cybils.) 
Kiki Strike: inside the shadow city, Kirsten Miller – Cybils

5 responses on “Library List!”

  1. I read the graphic novel version of The Truth About Stacy at Borders one day. I was surprised by how many details the artist put in that I remembered from the original series, right down to Claudia Kishi’s outfits. (I was shocked by how much I remembered from the original book. I haven’t picked up a BSC since I was fifteen or sixteen, but I read and reread them when I was younger.)

  2. Great GNs!

    I’ll be interested to hear which of the Cybils GNs you liked best. I really cheered for Castle Waiting to win. I loved La Perdida, but it seemed a bit too adult.

    And hey, don’t apologize for reading a series in order. That’s what ALL good readers do (uh…I mean, that’s what I do!).

    Mary Lee
    A Year of Reading

  3. Ok, I’m officially intrigued by The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things based solely upon the title. And my big round butt, thank you very much.

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