Now that I’m reading lots of kidlit blogs, I find myself needing to make lists, all the time.  

I find books that I need to read because they relate to the ancient Mediterranean, which is my area of expertise  (I so long to have a classroom so I can reward students for hard work by giving them time to read fiction from a library of class-related books that I keep on a shelf.  But instead, I have a cart, which does not have enough room for the books.)

I find books that are not out yet, which I want to give as gifts.

It’s so exciting and a little overwhelming, too.

Do you find yourself needing to keep track of lots of lists of books?

I guess Good Reads is the place to do this, isn’t it?

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  1. Hey hey! I am bugging you again about LJ feeds. Sarah Miller has a blog at She just joined LJ so she could post comments at other LJs, but she doesn’t want to have to double-post her blogs at blogspot and LJ, and she prefers blogspot, so I was telling her about LJ’s feed option. I thought I’d ask if you or someone could set up a feed from her blogspot.

    By the way, her website will be up later this month at



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