Percolating Projects, April 2018

Here’s a complete list of everything I’ve got going on right now. And by “going on,” I mean a level of intensity ranging from “thinking about maybe doing it” to “seriously working on it.” (Categories come from the Integrative Nutrition Circle of Life exercise.)


  • Daily tarot card pull as a means of connecting with my intuition


  • Things of Bronze podcast
  • Compiling a YouTube playlist of comedy sketches that epitomize my comedic sensibility
  • Developing a concept for a geeky variety show
  • A memoir about adolescence/early adulthood in the early days of the World Wide Web
  • Something for the 10th anniversary of Doctor Horrible
  • Daily blogging
  • Indiewebifying


  • Reducing grocery spending via using my Soda Stream, freezing leftovers, and eating out of the pantry/fridge/freezer


  • Writing culturally sustaining pedagogy online curriculum module for Project READY.
  • Steeping myself in the world of YA librarianship


  • Working on the Makerspaces section of my comprehensive literature review

Health, Home Cooking

Physical Activity

Home Environment

  • Putting together a list of tasks for the handyman
  • Cleaning out the upstairs linen closet as part of packing and purging in anticipation of putting our house on the market


  • Treating Will to a birthday surprise
  • All the parenting: deciding how and when to potty train, buying springtime clothes, selecting toddler tableware

Social Life

  • Figuring out when to schedule game nights
  • Planning Google Hangouts


  • Continuing to have a super cute kid with an excellent giggle

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