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Control not Disruption as My #IndieWeb Goal by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION)
I hate disruption. The word, not the noun. Disruption occurs everywhere but it is rarely a goal we should strive for in education. We band it about like many cliches in edtech: personalized learning, blockchain, badges, and Web 2.0. Yet nothing gets disrupted in schools. The term disruption evolved ...
With respect to standardized markup around online courses, are you familiar with ? I don’t think it’s exactly what you are looking to create, but it may be relevant to your interests.

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  1. Kimberly,

    Thanks for sharing. I am interested in any historical efforts to create standards around learning and mark up/. Especially since it had Hewlett Packard Foundation money behind it. They fund most of the open ed movement (which usually has to pivot or dry up when H/P goes another direction)

    It does seem these are built more on rdf implementation. I am attracted more to microformats2 just because its easier for people to read and use.

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