Monday Misdirection

As I haven’t collected any links this week, I don’t have much for you today.

First: J. K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement My favorite thing about this speech is how many times she makes reference to her college Classics major, and the variety of quotes she uses from classical sources.  I was so fond of this, I sent it to my Latin teacher colleague, who has added it to her course website so her students can read it next year.  Our school did an event called May Fever, where 64 authors competed to be the school’s favorite.  Students and faculty made predictions and voted; the championship was between J. K. Rowling and Shakespeare – a Classicist and a Latin teacher.  Yay!  (Shakespeare won, against my prediction but to my delight.)

Next: I’m a big fan of etsy, a site which enables artists to sell their handmade goods online rather easily.  So I popped in the search term “literary” and here are my favorites of the items it turned up:

 My severest critic hand embroidered tote bag, $27 from shinyprettythings

This bag immediately made me think of Lisa Yee.

 Leather Shakespeare Memento Bookmarks, $5.50 each by immortallongings If you can’t get over to Shakespeare’s Globe, you can at least have a souvenir.  immortallongings creates original artwork based on Shakespeare and is one of my favorite etsy sellers.  All of the art is in a vaguely Art Nouveau style.

 And of course, I would be remiss without mentioning this shirt from the kidlitosphere’s own Leila of bookshelvesofdoom.  $19

That’s all for today!

Monday Misdirection

Monday Misdirection

I’m trying to develop a theme for each day on my blog here, because that way I won’t agonize over what to write and instead end up writing nothing.  If I have a schedule, a routine, if you will, updates should be much more frequent.  (Very honestly, the day job has me wanting to avoid the computer.  It’s just that teaching makes me tired, and often looking at a computer feels like more work.  When I was in college, this never would have been a problem, and computers WERE my job, then.)

Because I take a musical theatre dance class on Monday nights, Mondays are a bit lean on writing time for me.  Because of this, I’m going to make Monday Misdirection my theme.  All this means is that on Monday I will post links I’ve collected over the past little bit (probably about a week or so).  Then I’ll post them here.  It’s misdirection, because it looks like I’m posting, but really I’m just directing you elsewhere.

On with the show:

Over at The Cybils, things are heating up.  Last week, they welcomed us to the 2007 Cybils.  This week, they’re profiling their volunteers.  There are five profiles up now, and more to come.  Nominations open a week from today, and anyone can nominate books published in English in 2007 – one nomination per category, please.

The September issue of The Edge of the Forest is now online.  This month you’ll find a feature article on the portrayal of Baba Yaga in Western literature, an interview with Barnstormers author and former teacher Phil Bildner, reviews of all shapes and sizes, and much more.

Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15, and Scholastic is providing a Hispanic Heritage Booklist at their website.  They’ve also included a lesson plan, unit plan, an online activity, and a list of other resources.

Teen Read Week is October 14 – 20 and is being sponsored by ALA and YALSA.  In conjunction with YALSA, the Readergirlz are hosting an event called 31 Flavorite Authors for Teens; the Readergirlz will be hosting a different author chat each day for the month of October.  I hope they’ll have transcripts; I’ll probably miss some of the chats but would love to read them all!  I’m especially excited about Rachel Cohn.  You can read more about the event at the Readergirlz website.

That’s all I’ve got for this Monday Misdirection, but it’s only stuff I’ve put together today.  As the week goes on, I’m sure I’ll collect more, so stay tuned for next week!