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Caption from me, Kimberly: I have polycystic ovary syndrome and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. On high pain days, I take the elevator. I have to give myself a little talk about how that’s okay. I also give myself little talks about how it’s okay to work on my PhD slowly and to be a slow mom. I’m constantly reassuring myself that my illness is real and it’s okay to make accommodations for myself because of it.
It feels like providence that this ran across my Instagram feed the morning after I decided to lean into the sea witchiness I’ve unconsciously been cultivating my whole life.

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Thank you to everyone who has stopped by our tent at the Tucson gem show! We’re still unpacking even more new material. We have a limited number of these expertly prepared fossil crabs. They are Macrophthalmus sp. from the former province of Majunga, Madagascar and date from the Pliocene Epoch (5-2.5 million years ago). (Because we can not ship at trade shows, they are currently only available in person. However we hope to carry some online and in our retail store soon.) The wholesale division of Enter the Earth is at the Kino Sports Complex gem show in Tucson, formerly known as Electric Park. We’re tent #23. The show is open from January 26th, 2018 until February 11th, 2018. While the Kino show is open to both wholesale and retail customers, a physical copy of your tax identification is required for wholesale pricing, preferably a state resale license. We hope to see you there! #entertheearth #tucsongemshow #tucsongemshow2018 #kinosportscomplex #kinogemshow #gemshow #rockshop #crystalshop #rocks #minerals #fossils #fossilcrab #crab

Exactly what I need right now.

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Happy New Year Full Moon! Thank you, Goddess, for setting the tone for a year of deep, nurturing self-care. And thank ME, Ruby Numinous, for manifesting a New Year’s Day retreat to ground that energy IN! Sending you all the loving vibes en route to @kripalucenter with @alexandraroxo @sahdsimone @betsylefae @wildsoulhealing @bessmatassa @itsmemoun @sabrinaelisabetha. May this be the year you fully the deep love of our Universal Mother ✨🌈✨ #Numinous #Numiverse #peace #love #newyear2018 #fullmoon #retreatlife #moonclub #highvibelife #materialgirlmysticalworld