Wow, it’s been a whole week. Now that’s a bit crazy. And indeed, it’s been a full week. Last Sunday at about 4 am, I found that Joss is a Hottie had disappeared. I thought someone had hacked in and deleted it, but it returned by Wednesday, so I think it was just issues with Homestead. I’ve been inspired by this to move the site to a paid host, Drak.Net. Drak is an all-pagan, mostly woman server with great reviews and many happy features. I’m a bit poor, so several of my fellow Joss-admirers are going in on the hosting costs with me. There will be a tribute to them on that page, as well as at Kiba Online.

What else have I been doing this week? Well, I had a paper for my Latin class that was due Thursday. I don’t think it’ll get an incredible grade (like, say, an A+) because the prof is really hard. But this is the second class I’ve had with her, and I think my papers are getting better…

I also finished reading Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. Good stuff, that! All the Marvel Heroes and all the Marvel Villains are joined on a bits-and-pieces planet, to be observed by one who only explains that he is “from the beyond.”

I went to the comic book shop to see if Amber Benson‘s comic book “Wannablessedbe” was out yet, but it’s not. Instead I bought myself several issues of Promethea, #1 of Mystic, and a copy of Chris Golden‘s novel Strangewood. I got so caught up reading the novel that I nearly missed the bus home!

My wonderful friends Little Willowand Paris Angel re-vamped their business sites, Rock the Rock Productions and Creations with beautiful designs.

That’s pretty much the news around here. And oh yeah, Duke plays tonight at 7 pm! Go Devils!

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