Hi Webheads! Hope all’s well with you. Today’s been a good day. Played Final Fantasy IX, watched some basketball, and a took a jaunt to the vid store and bookshop. If found a novel by Chris Golden that I hadn’t heard of. It is vampirey, so I bought it. It’s my one to start, after I finish Strangewood, and Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule. I have to get back to reading Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae, too. Camille’s a goddess. Sigh. I’ve been reading the first several issues of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and love it so very very much… I highly recommend it. I also bought James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which I have to read for my adolescence literature class. A lot of people in the class find it difficult reading, but I can follow it ok. It’s stream-of-consciousness, but it’s not totally nonsensical like Faulkner’s stuff. Alana, Will’s friend of old and my friend of recent, stopped by Will’s place today and hung out. It was very very fun… We discussed Buffy, Joan Jett, and other various and sundry things. I also got to talk to my beloved Extra Flameytoday. He is one of my favorite people – a great friend and father. His daughter TaraAnyaKate4Eva is a delight, as well! As is her girlfriend Yummy… I could go on forever. Anyhoo, I’m off to enjoy my boyfriend and basketball. Yay! (Duke won. Duh.)

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