Books to Read: My Area of Expertise

My Area of Expertise: The Ancient Mediterranean.

The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan
The Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan
The Titan’s Curse, Rick Riordan
Iris, Messenger, Sarah Demming
The Last Girls of Pompeii, Kathryn Lasky
Ithaka, Adele Geras
Troy, Adele Geras 
Nobody’s Princess, Esther Friesner
Corydon and the Island of Monsters, Tobias Druitt
Corydon and the Fall of Atlantis, Tobias Druitt
Goddess of Yesterday, Caroline B. Cooney
The Shadow Thieves, Anne Ursu
The Siren Song, Anne Ursu

Other suggestions please?

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  1. Do you want to add classics or just contemporary takes?

    Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli

    My Life as a Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver, which is coming out later this year

    Also, Chris and Tom have Medusa et al in the second book of The Menagerie!

  2. Have you read Ingo or The Tide Knot by Dunmore? I have not yet, though I’ve seen Ingo a dozen times. I believe they are the first two of a project trilogy. Since they are merbooks, I thought I’d ask. (I could also give you a list of merbooks I did not care for!)

  3. I have read the first two Emily Windsnap books. The third just came out last month and I haven’t seen it at the library yet.

    Aquamarine was so-so. I haven’t seen the film.

    I found Teenage Mermaid too flighty.

    I have yet to read Thora: A Half-Mermaid Tale.

    I prefer Disney’s The Little Mermaid to the horrible suicide in the original fairy tale.

    I like Sirena, but that’s more for your Greek list than the mermaid list.

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