It’s a fascinating point you bring up – and I think very valid. Any difference from the “norm” that our culture demands creates this feeling of “outsider-ness” that I think makes all our disparate minorities actually the MAJORITY. People with mental dis-ease, overweight people, people with marginalized sexual and or gender identity – we all deal with not quite being “perfect” according to others, and we all have to go through a journey of accepting ourselves for who we are. And I think much of it comes to a flashpoint when we’re teenagers, and figuring out just who the hell we are. That’s why I’m so focused on YA books with GLBTQ characters and themes, because I know what a difference they would have made in my life when I was a teenager.
Thanks for sharing my experience, and also for helping me see beyond what I had written.



“I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell do I Read?”