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Card CatalogThe Collaborative Summer Library Program is at it again, with different programs for children (pre-K through Grade 5), young adults (Grades 6 – 12), and adults (everybody else).  I registered through my library, which seems to be applying the young adult program theme to their adult program.  I’m good with that.  I made it my goal to finish 7 books between June 20 and August 10.  Eminently doable, considering I’m about to fly to Cincinnati to see my parents and brother (and have my mom fit me for my wedding dress).  Flying time = Reading time, as does Sitting Waiting to Board time and Standing Outside Waiting to Be Picked Up time.

But not Walking Through the Airport time, mainly because I am not as familiar with airports as I am with other places (my neighborhood, the schools where I’ve taught).

Have you signed up with your library’s summer reading program?  Or has anyone you take care of (children, siblings, pets)?  What’s your goal?

Last year I wrote a fairly comprehensive Summer Reading Round-up. Many of those links and resources are still useful.

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  1. Dee to the Oh to the Enn Keehotay.

    I am pretty sure I’ll be finished by summer’s end.

    Have you seen/read The Umbrella Academy? I just bought the first volume and borrowed the comics that make up the second from a friend. Oh so good.

    Also reading Phillip K. Dick book and some comics from the early 90s-late 80s that were loaned to me by the same friend.

    I’d really like to run across something meaningful and long-term thought provoking (or at least so beautiful that it moves me) this summer too. It’s been a few months since anything really settled in and hung out for a while in my mind or made me think about really new things. I never know what will take me to that place though, so it’s all up to chance.

  2. Teen list every year

    Every year I try to read the whole teen list for Brooklyn Public Library’s summer reading program. They’re killing me this year with the how-to books on skateboarding and grafitti drawing, but I’ll at least flip through them, probably, if I can get my hands on them. Then I try to read a few titles from the upper end of the kiddie list and any adult books that catch my eye.

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