Where do the Kidlit conversations happen?

For my purposes, the term "kidlit" includes young adult literature as well.

For many reasons, I’m looking to become more active in the kidlit community.  I know who the major blog players are.  I’m a member of the Kidlitosphere listserv.  I’m also a member of Child_Lit.  I’m just wondering if there’s anywhere I’m missing where really great conversations are going on.

Suggestions, anyone?

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    Haven’t LJ’d in a while, but stumbled across this post. I’m going to paste an email I sent to a friend a while back regarding these:

    I was playing around online looking for something (which I cannot honestly recall anymore), and I stumbled across, a collection of “podcasts about the children’s books we like and why we like them.” There are probably 200+ authors and illustrators reviewed, and probably as many interviewed with downloadable podcasts. It is also broken down not only by author, but subject matter AND age-appropriateness, started from birth.

    While books like “The House that Crack Built” by Clark Taylor may not be on the top of your reading list for the boys, “Two Frogs” by Chris Wormwell be. This website is veritable treasure trove of books to discover and read! And on that note, my friend Stacy recommended, any book for 3.50 (which is shipping), as long as you have your own books up for trade, too!


    There ya go!


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