Happy New Year! 2009 in Review and Reading Resolutions

With all the writing I’ve been doing in library school, blogging in depth has fallen by the wayside a bit, but I have been keeping up my “Books Read” list.  I read 54 books and graphic novels in 2009.  Eighteen of those were related to my young adult literature class in some way.  It’s amazing how much you can read when you’ve got a deadline. 

I don’t believe I set a definite goal for 2009, but 36 books was probably about right, and it’s what we’re left with if we take away the books I read for class.  I read 35 in 2007 and 34 in 2008, so 54 is quite a jump.  I’ll be taking a children’s literature class in the summer or fall, so that will push the numbers up a good bit I expect, but I’d like to set a goal for reading entirely out of class.  I feel like I should come up with an elaborate formula but I think we’ll just aim for 40.  Since I do count graphic novels, and trade paperbacks of comic series, it’s not hard to push the number up quickly.  I think 40 is a good number because it’s a bit of a stretch but it’s not at all out of reach.

So here I record it for all of you to see:
I will finish 40 books or graphic novels (including TPBs) in 2010.

I say “finish” instead of read because I started reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in 2009 but I’ve not finished it yet.

My favorite of the 2009 list by far is Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon, Dean, and Nathan Hale.  It’s a graphic novel with a Western twist on the traditional Rapunzel tale.  I’d strongly recommend it to fans of the fractured fairy tale genre and people looking for cool girl main characters.

What was your one favorite thing you read in 2009?

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  1. The works of Martin Millar were high up there. I (think I) read them all. I didn’t enjoy “Lux the Poet” as much as the others, but “Lonely Werewolf Girl,” “Suzy, Led Zepplin, and Me,” and “The Good Fairies of New York” were all the kind of books where if they were food, you would totally pick up the plate and lick it after you were done. I want more more more, and I hope he writes it.

    (ooh… a googling tells me I was wrong and there are more written both under his real name and a psuedonym! Hazzah!)

    According to my list, I read 39 books before starting school this year, and then only seven afterwords, not counting comics. I abondoned probably twice that seven midway through, having put them down for too long to remember what was compelling about them.

    My goal for next year isn’t numeric, but I’d like to finish everything I start. I (finally) got “The Time Traveler’s Wife” through paperback swap, so that’s first on the list, though I want to wrap up “The Midwich Cuckoos” and “Universe X” before I start.

  2. I never finish everything I start and I’ve actually got the opposite as a goal, kind of – to never spend more than 50 pages on a book I don’t enjoy. Life’s too short to read crappy books. But it sounds like you were enjoying those books and just got away from them for too long, which is a different issue.

    I think another goal of mine is to never read more than two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction (graphic novels/comics living in their own category). Sometimes I feel like I’m George in Aspects of Love. I hope Will never gets mad and rearranges my bookmarks.

  3. I’m working on my best books of 2010 list and will post it when it’s ready.
    I have 2 GNs on my December list that you should check out if you’re in an Alice mood. 🙂
    Go Hales (those related as well as those not) for their fun stories.

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