Poetry Friday: Comes a Train of Little Ladies

I had my first rehearsal for The Mikado last night and in honor of that I’m using some lyrics from the show for today’s Poetry Friday post.  These are the lyrics to the song when I, as a member of the ladies’ stage chorus, first appear.

Comes a train of little ladies
From scholastic trammels free,
Each a little bit afraid is,
Wondering what the world can be!

Is it but a world of trouble —
Sadness set to song?
Is its beauty but a bubble
Bound to break ere long?

Are its palaces and pleasures
Fantasies that fade?
And the glory of its treasures
Shadow of a shade?
And the glory of its treasures
Shadow of a shade?
Shadow of a shade?

Schoolgirls we, eighteen and under,
From scholastic trammels free,
And we wonder — how we wonder! —
We wonder — how we wonder! —
What on earth the world can be!
What on earth the world can be!

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  1. I love The Mikado–I’ve been a Gilbert and Sullivan fan since childhood (yeah, I was a weird kid…). The Mikado is one of the few I’ve seen performed live. Fun! I hope it’s going well–what’s your role?

  2. I, also, have been a G&S fan since childhood, though my experience consisted mostly of The Pirates of Penzance film with Kevin Kline, Rex whats-his-face, and Linda Ronstadt. (The Pirate King is totally the star of that show, what!)

    I’ve been in Patience, HMS Pinafore, The Yeomen of the Guard, The Gondoliers, and now The Mikado. I’m in the chorus and I’m understudying Pitti-Sing.

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