Hi Kimberly! I’m also participating in the PLN Challenge! I think you summed up how I feel very accurately in your response to the first question. I too am impressed and motivated by all the information out there but I find that actually putting all those ideas into practice challenging. Obviously some will fall by the wayside but there are some that I really want to hold on to and actually use some day. Right now, at the end of the year, I have a ton of ideas for next year but how to retain them, put them aside, and get them back for next year?!

I also really appreciate your point about relaxing. I get easily sucked in and spend too much time on my PLN and I think that actually ends up being detrimental not only for my family but also because the brain can’t possibly process all that information! Perhaps that accounts for some of my issues above! I’ve been playing around with Diigo today and enjoying how easy it is to bookmark information and categorize for easy reference later.

I’ve had a chance to particpate in #eltchat and I found it really fun and exciting! I hope both you and Theresa manage to do a live #edchat some time!

Great post! Sarah