Read Dear IndieWeb, it may be time to start considering the user, not just the technical spec. by Eli MellenEli Mellen (

I’ve been working on a series of walkthrough posts that outline how to IndieWebify a WordPress site. I presumed the initial setup would be fairly straightforward because a) I have a vague idea of what I’m doing, and b) a suite of plugins already exists. Boy-howdy, was I wrong.

Eli Mellen makes some excellent points here. I’ve been slowly chipping away at going full Indieweb for about a year. Only this weekend did I really get all the way there, and it took a lot of advice from Chris Aldrich, some assistance from David Shanske in the IndieWeb chat, and the judicious use of Chrome developer tools (especially the web inspector) and Google to get to where I am today, which is pretty much where I want to be.

I have WordPress and I installed all the appropriate plug-ins. I followed all of the directions in the Getting Started with WordPress parts of the Wiki. But these were the pieces that were missing that only recently did I get together:

  • Sharing links in a POSSE way and having them actually look good
  • Posting notes to Facebook and Twitter without weird link previews or my Gravatar popping up
  • Sharing on mobile

I wouldn’t ask your average social media user to do all the things I had to do to make this happen. As Eli says,

…the IndieWeb is at an exciting inflection point.

I’m immensely grateful for all the help I’ve received getting started, but I do hope that over time people won’t have to be as dev-headed as me to jump in. I am a far cry from any sort of developer, but I do have a lot more knowledge of how the web works than I think most people do. If it was tricky and took me a year to get it to do what I wanted, I can’t imagine what a challenge it will be for them.

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  • Chris
  • Calum Ryan
  1. Congratulations on bridging your latest gap! I really like some of the visual changes you’ve made.
    Thanks as well for your thoughts and feedback. If you have a moment in the coming weeks to document or add any pieces you thought were missing to the broader parts of the wiki, I’m sure it’ll go a long way toward helping others who come after you. In particular, I’m curious what method you chose to POSSE and the problems you ran into there. Feel free to add more specific notes into the chat (where others will see and act on them) as well so we can try to smooth over these pain points.
    Congrats again!

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