Read The Librarians Who Moonlight as Artists: A Roundtable Discussion by Natalie BaurNatalie Baur (Literary Hub)

Because even (starving) artists need to eat, I ignored my creative instincts for a very long time in order to devote myself to building a career as a professional librarian and archivist…

Occasionally, Google gets it right when it suggests articles for me, and all of its creepy data mining was very successful when it recommended this to me. Librarians who are committed to doing good work but also make art? Hello, my people.

Today I finished reading The Fair Garden and the Swarm of Beasts, a foundational text on young adult librarianship written by Margaret A. Edwards, the fairy godmother of YA (more on that in another post), and she suggests that in addition to doing their regular work and making plenty of time to read, librarians must have another interest: gardening, amateur theatrics, something. And here these librarians are  doing that very thing

It’s interesting to me that none of them are performers, and that none of them serve children. I suspect many youth services librarians are musicians, dancers, actors, or comedians. (I’m all of these!) I would love to talk to youth services librarians about their art and its relationship to their work

Can you recommend anybody?

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