Planning Microtasks to Match Your Energy (or Spoons)

I’m fairly open about the fact that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and polycystic ovary syndrome and that fatigue is my primary symptom for both of these. I’m in the middle of a Hashimoto’s flare up, and today I sat down and made a little table of the types of tasks I can do depending on what type of day I’m having: low energy, medium energy, or high energy.

This is a valuable table because often I think that, since I’m working on a writing project and a curriculum development project, I can only ever get any work done on high energy days. But that’s not so, because each of those projects is made up of smaller tasks. Writing up my literature review workflow really helped me set up this table. Here it is in list form, in case it would be valuable for anyone else.

Literature Review Tasks

Low Energy

  • Literature search

Medium Energy

  • AIC review
  • concept map
  • revision

High Energy

  • synthetic note
  • memo
  • outlining
  • writing

Curriculum Development

Low Energy

  • identify resources
  • format documents

Medium Energy

  • outline

High Energy

  • write



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