Read Pt. 1—Fighting robot dinosaurs in the woke-as-hell post-apocalypse of Horizon: Zero Dawn by Clayton PurdomClayton Purdom (Games)

Welcome to our ongoing Game In Progress review of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Over the next few weeks, Clayton Purdom will be playing through Guerrilla Games’ new PlayStation 4 exclusive and checking in with his thoughts on how it’s shaping up. We invite you to play and comment along as he delves into this post-post-apocalyptic world in search of answers and sweet, sweet robot dinosaur meat.

Found myself thinking, “I want to play a map game but like a handholdy one, not Breath of the Wild, what was that AV Club article that mentioned a bunch of map games, again?” and found this in my Pocket archive and re-read it and now I’m installing Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4.
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