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  1. Educators:
    Interested in making the internet and your preexisting website your personal/professional social media platform? Here are some of my favorite examples:
    Greg McVerry, W. Ian O’Byrne, Kimberly Hirsch, Kathleen Fitzgerald, John Johnston, Aaron Davis, Cathie LeBlanc, and Dan Cohen
    Take a look at IndieWeb for Education for more examples and details.
    Ask us about the value of adding technologies like Webmention, Micropub, WebSub, and others to your personal or professional website to interact with others directly from a domain of your own on the web.

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  2. I am happy to announce that Kimberly Hirsh will join us as the key note for IndieWebCamp New Haven. In efforts to connect more people we will keep the tradition started at IWC NYC of having one remote keynote. Kimberly has tough shoes to follow after Maha Bali in New York City.Kimberly studies library information science and uses an IndieWeb site, bullet blogs, and other tools as she completes her disseration.You can join us in person or remotely for the talk March 30th at 9:30 AM at Southern Connecticut University Doors open at 8:30 and conference will begin at 9:00. Register Now.

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  3. Replied to a post by Sarah Dillon Sarah Dillon Sarah Dillon (sarahdillon.me)Giving #​indieweb a whirl… anything could happen. #​procrastination
    Welcome to the IndieWeb! It’s great to see another scholar join the club and potentially be using it for education/research purposes.
    It may be a stretch of timezones, but IndieWebCamp New Haven is this weekend; I suspect there will be some discussion of using IndieWeb within education. Kimberly Hirsh, a doctoral student in information and library science, will be giving the keynote and I heard it will have an education related bent.
    There are a bunch of us WordPressers around if you need any help/hints or need sites to look at for potential inspiration. Feel free to reach out if you need any help.


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