Today I finished my dissertation proposal and sent it to my committee. I sent them the literature review for my comprehensive qualifying exam at the end of October. On Tuesday, I’ll take the oral examination part of the comprehensive qualifying exam. My advisor and I are trying to find a way to expedite my proposal defense, because I’m ready. The proposal defense is the last milestone before I submit and defend my dissertation (expect to submit & defend spring 2021). If you have supported me in any way in the four and a half years it’s taken to get here, thank you so much.
NOW I’ve finished my dissertation proposal, and even sent it to my committee ahead of my comps.

Candidacy, here I come!

How did I not know that it’s not just me, but rather the entire Internet, that refers to Carrie Fisher as “space mom”? Miss you space mom. Love you space mom.

Picture of General Leia Organa with text overlaid that says "Took your meds today? Good, Space Mom is proud of you. Now, go flip off the world."

I… think I’m almost done with my dissertation proposal?
I wish I could tell little 13/14 year old me, back in 1995, that she actually DOES like a genre of popular music, it’s just R&B, and it’s not her fault all her friends are into alternative and she’s the only one who likes R&B and that also R&B is a very legitimate genre of music for a 13/14 yo in 1995 to love.
Anybody got tips on automating Instagram data collection (specifically images, post text, comments) for qual analysis for someone with no Python experience? A total API n00b?
My kid’s preferred type of narrative conflict is Bear vs. Self.
I hereby declare November to be #DissProWriMo. Writing your dissertation proposal? Me too! Let’s connect! #AcWriMo #AcWri #phdchat
Current hobby: lying in bed and re-watching Downton Abbey.