Today I listened to Lindsay Mack‘s amazing first episode of the new version of her podcast, in which she discusses birth, death, and thresholds with doula/mom/actor/comedian Erica Livingston of Birdsong Brooklyn. It was so phenomenally healing. I might try to listen again and take notes so I can share the moments that really stood out. I haven’t fully processed my birth trauma, even though my kid is 26 months old. I so appreciate being given permission to see myself as postpartum forever, because that’s the reality of parenthood, isn’t it? Thank you so much Lindsay and especially Erica for this wondrous bit of medicine.
Listened Jenny Lawson is Very Fond of Creepy Smiling Dead Animals and Worries Quite a Bit from The Hilarious World of Depression

She’s the author of bestselling books and an incredibly popular blog, but Jenny Lawson showed up to our interview wondering, at least a little, if her appearance on this show and her whole career, really, was part of some delusion. It’s not. She’s the real thing: an incredibly funny and honest writer with a legion of fans, a very old decapitated and stuffed boar’s head named James Garfield, anxiety, depression, and a clear-eyed view of the world.

I’ve always enjoyed The Bloggess when she came across my radar (And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles is a particular favorite). For some reason, though, I’ve always resisted becoming fully obsessed with her. Maybe because she’s popular and I’m inappropriately contrarian? Well, no more. After listening to her episode of THWoD I’ve decided we should be BFFs, and you obviously can’t befriend someone without reading their books and blog, so off I go…