I’ve been solo parenting for almost a week and we’re currently at Defcon Watching “How Far I’ll Go” DisneyMusicVEVO over & over. Single parents, I salute you.
This morning I told my son, “Mommy used to be a teacher. Did you know that?” He said, “No. But now you’re a parent!” (I didn’t tell him that some people are both.)
TFW someone cites a forthcoming book that you know will be key in your research and you can’t find anything else about it…
Me: I just want an in-depth explanation of how the Connected Learning model is different than it was in 2013 that gives me more details than the CL Alliance website does.

Affinity Online: How Connection and Shared Interest Fuel Learning Book CoverThis book: Hi.

For people who like to keep up with things via Twitter and may have an interest in my research notebook, I’ve set up a feed to be piped in at @khirshresearch. Follow if you’re interested – I didn’t want to clutter up my main account.
Lovefool Cover
April 1: Fool

We listened to Lovefool
We glittered and glued
I have rarely been so present
As I was in that past

Adolescence is tech week for adulthood.
Uninformed take: Metroid is a metaphor for early parenthood.
Being a parent is like teaching eight different preps every day and never the same prep two terms in a row.
Having a paper accepted with revisions on the first submission is reason to celebrate, yeah? Reviewer 2’s (and 3’s, I’m the scholarly equivalent of a hatstall!) comments can wait until next week…
Me, writing my comps about cosplay: I’m almost out of space and I haven’t even mentioned Butler on performance or Bakhtin’s carnivalesque!


I attended my first dissertation defense yesterday. I came home and told W. that we’ll be doing theater warm-ups before mine.
I organized my closet and now I’m too tired to cook dinner. This is peak Kimberly.
Trying on a new epithet: librariacafan.
I’ve fallen down an internet rabbit hole! My current work = reading about cosplay. Cosplay is part of fandom, and I feel disconnected from fandom so I started listening to Fansplaining to get me back in touch, and that took me to Wattpad, and then I started reading a Wattpad blog post that linked to Fanlore (which I already knew about but have never explored in-depth) and now I guess I’m going to just die of starvation while reading all of Fanlore? But also, please stay tuned for details about my upcoming fic, Rupert Giles, Actual School Librarian.
I could learn to repair drywall and fix sinking bathroom tile but for now I’m just going to believe handypeople are magic.
Just submitted my first draft of my first chapter of my comps lit review to my committee for feedback, so it’s probably time for another high five.
You can tell I’m approaching middle age because I think of my car as my new car and I just got an email from CarMax saying I bought it 5 years ago today.
Submitted a solo-authored manuscript today, so in true millennial fashion, I feel like I deserve many high fives.