A little light summer weekend reading.
✔️ Jellies
✔️ Lace-trim leggings
✔️ Hawkins AV Club shirt
✔️ One dangly earring, one stud
✔️ High side-ponytail
✔️ Velvet scrunchie

Ready for Stranger Things Night at the DBAP!

“It will surprise you not one bit,” I said to my friends some months ago after an escape room and lunch, “that the only reason I got into Tarot is because of a Piers Anthony novel.”

Returning to my reading roots today with my desert island book. It’s worth noting that as so many book covers are, this one is whitewashed.

I don’t expect it will have aged well, but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

Made chicken souvlaki kabobs and they turned out beautifully but never again. Way more trouble than they’re worth.
Text: "Rupert Giles Actual School Librarian" and "A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Story by Kimberly Hirsh" on a brown background, in front of an image of antique books on a bookcase to the right of a wooden podium with a framed picture on the front of it.Still drafting the first chapter, but it has a cover and a summary…

The Watchers Council had made certain promises. First, that Rupert Giles would have no trouble getting his cover job as the new school librarian at Sunnydale High School. Second, that this role would require minimal actual librarianing, which was a good thing, as he had been rather distracted during his library studies coursework what with all the simultaneous advanced Watcher training. And third, that he would not have to deal with teenagers other than the Slayer herself.

The Watchers Council had lied.

I’m lucky: they gave me a canonical #spidersona, trying to figure out how to make a better world for her kid while dealing with the daily tasks of early parenthood.