Made chicken souvlaki kabobs and they turned out beautifully but never again. Way more trouble than they’re worth.
Text: "Rupert Giles Actual School Librarian" and "A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Story by Kimberly Hirsh" on a brown background, in front of an image of antique books on a bookcase to the right of a wooden podium with a framed picture on the front of it.Still drafting the first chapter, but it has a cover and a summary…

The Watchers Council had made certain promises. First, that Rupert Giles would have no trouble getting his cover job as the new school librarian at Sunnydale High School. Second, that this role would require minimal actual librarianing, which was a good thing, as he had been rather distracted during his library studies coursework what with all the simultaneous advanced Watcher training. And third, that he would not have to deal with teenagers other than the Slayer herself.

The Watchers Council had lied.

I’m lucky: they gave me a canonical #spidersona, trying to figure out how to make a better world for her kid while dealing with the daily tasks of early parenthood.

Beeyatch cross-stitch

My choice of craft reveals a lot about my emotional state. Cross-stitch = rage. Crochet = anxiety.

Pokemon Go Friend Code 7480 5774 3887

Because I still know some people who are into it and because it’s super fun to play with my kid, I’m back on Pokemon Go. Here’s my code if you want to be friends: 7480 5774 3887

Dresser - Before and after

The top of my dresser has been a mess for weeks. Took less than 15 minutes to get it in shape while the kid was napping.

Black corner desk with books, crystals, and tarot and oracle decks

I just took a little time to clear out and clean my corner desk, which was never getting used for work anyway, and dedicate it to all my magic stuff.

A few words about my beliefs: I’m mostly agnostic. With respect to magic, I believe we make our own. Action follows intention, and I find these tools – tarot and oracle cards, crystals, candles, books – useful in setting my intentions. They help me trust my intuition.

I value balance. My professional life is all about truth claims, evidence, and figuring out what counts as empirical research. I need a thing in my life that is the opposite, and this is it.

A few more words, this time about Everyday Magic, my local witch store. It’s hard as the mom of a very little, to go shopping anywhere. Now imagine taking your magpie toddler into a shop full of crystals.

You might let him choose a small one to hold. He’ll immediately put it in his mouth, of course.

It’s fine. You were going to buy it anyway.

Next time, you might let him hold a larger palm stone. He’ll probably drop it. If it’s selenite, it’ll shatter when he does. When this happens, you apologize profusely. At Everyday Magic, they tell you, “It’s okay. Babies happen. He picked a good one to drop.”

Obviously, you offer to buy it. When they don’t make you, you buy a whole one. And also a book entitled Witchy Mama.

Then you have a dream about buying the Moonchild Tarot. But you know it’ll be a long time before Everyday Magic has it in stock. But you know they have the Starchild Tarot, by the same artist, in stock. So you decide to drop by after work – toddler in tow, because he almost always is – and look at their open copy of it and, if you fall in love with it, to buy it.

Your giant baby has a lot of words now, and when you get in the store, he uses all of them to scream about the crystals. He’s clearly outraged that you didn’t hand him one immediately. As you try to look at the cards, he shrieks and you toss off a “Seriously, dude?” that elicits a laugh from the shop’s owner. But of course snide remarks don’t settle babies, so he keeps yelling. You give up on looking at the cards and take him outside because you don’t want to ruin everybody else’s day.

Then you try to reason with him. Then you remember that you have veggie straws. He accepts the veggie straws. You go back inside and move toward the cards again. A shop employee shows you a stone and asks, “Would letting him hold this help stop the crying?”

“YES THANK YOU!” you say. Then, “It won’t shatter if he drops it?” You’re already bracing yourself for the tantrum he is going to throw when he has to give it back, but you really want to look at those cards, so you hand him the rock and get your peruse on.

You pick up the box and get a chill. You open it and start to look through. Yes, this art appeals to you. And then your favorite card, VII The Chariot, is a unicorn, and you’re buying this deck.

You grab an unopened box, take the stroller over to the counter, and miraculously, when you ask the toddler to hand you the stone, he does so completely without incident.

“Thanks for letting him hold it,” you tell the shop employee.

“Oh, he can have it,” the employee responds.

And that’s why you are going to buy all your magic things at Everyday Magic forever, because instead of shaming you for your screaming baby, they gave him a crystal.


Reading the Hopeless/Rodriguez run of Spider-Woman and feeling super seen.

Sorry for weird colors- I use a blue light filter app and it affects my screen grabs.

Anyway, highly recommend for parents-to-be or new parents.

Which, I recently read a thing that says postpartum is three years, so if you, like me, have been doing this for almost two years already and don’t feel a lot more competent than you did in the first six weeks, don’t feel bad.

Library due date cards

When you have been together for almost 20 years and you’re both librarians. Happy anniversary, Will!

Luna Moth
This friend was sitting on my front porch welcome mat when I left for the chiropractor this morning. I was running a bit late but I had to take a picture. The Luna Moth is one of my personal symbolic animals.

This morning I had a dream that my house (which was, of course, the house I lived in as a teenager and not my current house) was falling apart – paint coming off the walls all over, the wall between a closet and a bathroom falling down (a wall that doesn’t exist – a closet that doesn’t exist) – the only room that was in tact was the family room, with its ridiculous/amazing striped scarlet pimpernel wallpaper (actual wallpaper still in the house) – and the bedroom, closet, and bathroom were full of moths. I was very anxious about all the moths until I saw a Luna moth placidly perched on a closet-bathroom wall and thought, “OH, that’s a SYMBOL, this is a DREAM, I don’t actually need to figure out how to describe what’s wrong with this house to a real contractor for repair” and felt an immense sense of relief.

So after all that, to find one right in my path this morning felt extra magical.

Finally taking on Kim Werker’s Craftsy class, Next Steps in Crochet. Here is my little swatch with a row of bobble stitches.
You can’t really see it here but Tropical Diver is a gorgeous reef exhibit at the @georgiaaquarium and I kind of want to live there. Beautiful coral AND a Skeletor Moray? Sign me up!