I’ve been using “fanfiction” instead of “fan fiction” when writing my comps and sincerely hope nobody tries to come at me on this.

Key summer goth accessories:
* parasol
* handfan
* cooling scarf
* sunglasses
* sunscreen
* scent of cloves & absinthe
Quoted coffee thee spoonie on Twitter (Twitter)

“It seems absurd that anyone would possibly *have* to order delivery, I know, but consider:
-cooking requires spoons, fine motor skills, repetitive arm movements (stirring or whisking etc)
-grocery shopping requires spoons & transportation
-clean up the dishes also requires spoons”

Yes. Disability/chronic illness + parenting means spoons (ie energy) that I used to be able to budget for myself now belongs to the kid, so I get delivery much more than I used to & it’s $$$.