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Yeah, Connected Learning seems an obvious connection to #OpenEd (as @tceles_b_hsup has been telling me for years).
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I've been posting "read" posts/notes/links--reads, for simplicity-- to my own website for a while to indicate articles and material which I've spent the time to read online (and oftentimes even offline). While I automatically send notifications (via webmentions or trackbacks/pingbacks) to notify the original articles, few sites know how to receive them and even less actively display them. It's only in the last few weeks that my site has actively begun receiving these read posts, and I have to say it's a really lovely and heartwarming experience.

I know when I’m being submentioned.

Chris, I’m glad to hear that my read posts are both heartwarming and providing useful data. I think they reveal as much about how I read as they reveal about anything else. As you may have guessed, I’m working my way down your IndieWeb research page, with some forays into your most recent posts here and there. I saw this one because I subscribed to your firehose in Inoreader.

I like having paths to follow, and it’s been inordinately helpful to be able to follow the ones you’ve laid out. Thank you for all the sharing you do!

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Spent a few minutes today cleaning up the various categories and tags within my digital commonplace book (aka website).
You might look at Archive of Our Own, which has a large volunteer cohort of tag wranglers, and the work of Ludi Price on the information behavior of fans, when you get around to exploring how people manage large taxonomies and combine free text with controlled vocabularies.
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Part of my plans to (remotely) devote the weekend to the IndieWeb Summit in Portland were hijacked by the passing of Muhammad Ali. Wait... What?!
Google Books exports highlights and marginalia to a Google Doc titled Notes from “Book Title.” The document includes the highlighted text or the note and a hyperlinked page number. Because it’s in this format, I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to extract the data via copy paste or maybe even downloading the doc as HTML. I expect the CSS would need some massaging, and obviously this is still a siloed start, but it’s something.
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Read Announcing @IndieWebCamp New Haven Keynote by Greg McVerry Greg McVerry ( am happy to announce that Kimberly Hirsh will join us as the key note for IndieWebCamp New Haven. I can’t wait to hear what Kimberly Hirsh comes up with for the upcoming camp! Syndicat...
I can’t wait to see what I come up with, either! I’ve been trying to track down other keynotes via the IndieWeb YouTube channel to see what kind of thing people generally do. Any suggestions, either for topic or examples? (Right now I’m brainstorming something about the IndieWeb as a Connected Learning environment, but I’m not sure if that’s the kind of thing that makes sense.)
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Fix my site's subscription/mail functionality so that I can better control what current subscribers get and allow for more options for future subscribers.
I started implementing separate RSS feeds for different types of content a while back but just set them up to appear in the content search in readers like Feedly. They look great. Thanks for the walkthrough, Chris!
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@CupcakeGoth @Gwenda I actually have a Goodreads shelf called “jilli-recs” and these may have to go on there.
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@allisunrae I’m definitely still working on the critique part. But honestly, if you simultaneously synthesize instead of summarize AND provide a strong description of each study’s context, methods, and results, you’ll be way ahead of most people.
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I hate disruption. The word, not the noun. Disruption occurs everywhere but it is rarely a goal we should strive for in education. We band it about like many cliches in edtech: personalized learning, blockchain, badges, and Web 2.0. Yet nothing gets disrupted in schools. The term disruption evolved ...
With respect to standardized markup around online courses, are you familiar with ? I don’t think it’s exactly what you are looking to create, but it may be relevant to your interests.
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Same except add mom responsibilities and oh yeah I’ve already failed oops.