Attending remotely, as I’m able given I have a toddler. And, oh yeah, keynoting!
International Tabletop Day
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Join us at Atomic Empire for TableTop Day! Once a year when the first buds of spring begin to unfurl from their winter slumber, International Tabletop…

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RSVPed Attending The Durham Bulls will host ‘Stranger Things Night’ with some really awesome uniforms

Minor League Baseball’s Opening Day is April 5th — which means we are close to experiencing the unique and noteworthy uniforms teams wear during. On June 21st, the Fresno Grizzlies will sport “Coming to America” jerseys that look fantastic. And the Durham Bulls will wear the latest pop culture threads when they don Stranger Things-themed uniforms.

On July 13th, the Triple-A affiliate of the Rays will host “Stranger Things Night” in honor of the Netflix series that became an instant obsession.

Hi this is going to be my birthday party see you there.