My brother made this awesome animated short. It’s probably my favorite of all his work. You can find him on Twitter @MicahHirsh.
Watched Hear Aaron Tveit’s ‘Come What May’ Before Moulin Rouge! Musical Premieres in Boston | Playbill from Playbill

The full cast is set for the stage adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film, beginning in Boston June 27.

I cried a little watching this. I adore Moulin Rouge. It shaped my aesthetic more than anything had since Beetlejuice. I saw it with W. It came out when we had been together about three years  and were in that phase of our relationship that clingy homebodies like me love: early deep familiarity. There are many other beautiful phases of a romance (in my experience, there’s nothing like watching your partner parent to make you fall in love all over again), but I have an extra soft spot for that one, and Moulin Rouge as a whole and “Come What May” in particular will always hold a wistful beauty for me. Cost means I’ll wait for this one to go on tour  but I am so looking forward to a soundtrack full of Broadway stars singing these songs.

This blew my mind. I narrowly managed to avoid falling down a rabbit hole looking for thinkpieces on deepfake, which is truly some cyberpunk dystopian stuff.

Was watching Silicon Valley S5E3 and Richard started waxing poetic about redecentralizing the internet and users owning their data and I got all ?.

I watched the first eight minutes or so of this and got major X-Files/BtVS vibes and I’m into it.
Hi I’m Kimberly and I will be ignoring real life long enough to binge the new Queer Eye, okay bye.