My reading challenge for 2018 has two components:

  1. Always be trying to read one more book than I have already read this year.

  2. Read whatever feels good to read and will make me want to keep reading.

That’s it.

More on the rationale behind these rules later.

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  1. I so agree with the what makes me feel good criterion. No guilty reading for me! Also, this year I incorporated picture books into my goal because in the past I’ve felt guilty about including them because they’re so short. I decided that’s dumb and directly in contrast with what I tell kids about how all reading is good reading. So here’s to a phenomenal number in 2018!

  2. I made it to 36 last year, so I set a goal of 42 for this year. I copied out the Read Harder list and one other, but am giving myself permission to treat them as prompts not requirements (although, let’s be honest, I never yet met a tickybox I didn’t love…)

  3. I think one thing I’m kind of sad about as I get older is that fiction just doesn’t ‘work’ as well for me any more. I’m happy to expand my horizons and learn a bit more about the world through nonfiction, but I miss escapism! YA is the worst for this. It’s like eating what looks like ice cream and having it taste like dirt.

  4. That is awesome. What would you recommend to someone who likes adventure and female protagonists, but hates “Strong Female Characters” and “It’s a dystopian future, and I’m in love with two boys!”? I really like Rainbow Rowell and Nnedi Okorafor.

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