Read Keep Going by Austin KleonAustin Kleon (Austin Kleon)

A guide to staying creative in good times and bad times from the author of the New York Times bestsellers Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work!

Reading notes forthcoming.
Read Steal Like An Artist by Austin KleonAustin Kleon (Austin Kleon)

The New York Times bestselling guide to creativity in the digital age.

I read this book twice last year and just re-read it again in anticipation of Austin Kleon’s latest book, Keep Going. I definitely just carried it around in my bag for months. I have a lot of great notes on this book, and I’ll share them when I get the chance, but I wanted to go ahead and get this post up.
These books are magical, but like all our faves, they’ve got some problems. See American Indians in Children’s Literature for the specifics of some issues of cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

In spite of this, I loved a lot about these. I’ll update this post with some favorite quotes later.