Read Advice For Difficult Times (7 Things That May Help) by Leonie DawsonLeonie Dawson
Blossoms, I shared recently that I’m going through some Big Life Stuff. Big Life Stuff that I can’t really talk about in detail as they involve other people’s stories. It’s been an exercise in getting through difficult times. I’ve learned so much from it already.
Read FLYing Lesson: FlyLady’s Moving Tips
Every week, we have several FlyBabies that holler HELP: “We are moving, and I don’t know where to start. We have to put this house up for sale, and it is awful. Please tell me what to do."
Read The Creative Process by an author (A List Apart)
Ideas are like policemen — they’re never around when you need them. Mattias Konradsson sketches a campaign to seduce the Muse.
Read Writing for the Web by Jeffrey ZeldmanJeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart)
When Brian and I launched the original LIST APART in January ’98, we had two goals: to create a noise-free, high-level discussion list for the web; and to cover all the bases of webmaking—fro…