Over at Just One More Book, Andrea and Mark are celebrating their wedding anniversary with a meme. Here’s the question:

Which children’s book best represents your marriage? your life?

I’m not married (yet! July 22!), but I’ve been with Will (that’s his name) long enough to know exactly the book for this:

Cinderella Skeleton (The link takes you to my earlier post about the book.) A little bit morbid, very sweet. Not at all serious. And that’s us.

(It was that or the one from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark where the girl wears the green ribbon around her neck and if she takes it off, her head will fall off. For my 18th birthday, Will gave me a necklace that I take off so rarely that I do tell people that if I take it off my head will just roll right to the ground.)

As for my life, I have to go with Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Lola Cepp is excessively dramatic, wears really strange but carefully calculated outfits, and is a flamingo in a flock of pigeons. That’s me.

You’re The Poisonwood Bible!
by Barbara Kingsolver
Deeply rooted in a religious background, you have since become both
isolated and schizophrenic. You were naively sure that your actions would help people,
but of course they were resistant to your message and ultimately disaster ensued. Since
you can see so many sides of the same issue, you are both wise beyond your years and
tied to worthless perspectives. If you were a type of waffle, it would be

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Back in May, Kelly at Big A, little a tagged me with the Thinking Blogger Award.  Thanks, Kelly!


The award originated at the thinking blog.  Here are the rules: 
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to the original post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

Here are five blogs that make me think.  If you’ve received the award before, feel free to pass it on to someone else.  

1. educating alice – Monica always makes me think about my own teaching and how I can improve it.

2. A Year of Reading – Franki and Mary Lee also post a lot about teaching and school visits by authors, spurring me on to further reflection.

3. Wild Rose Reader – Elaine Magliaro provides Classroom Connections for children’s poetry with several of her posts.

4. HipWriterMama – Vivian recently made me think in her post, Girl Power: At What Price?

5. Chasing Ray – Colleen makes me think so much, my brain hurts.

A meme of my very own!

What’s the first book you remember reading?  Give us the title, author, date of publication, and your age when you read it.  Look it up at Amazon.  Is it still in print?

Mine is Stop!  Go!  Word Bird by Jane Belk Moncure, published in 1981.  I was three when I read it.  It is no longer in print.

(If you want to leave out any of the information aside from the title, feel free.  Especially your age when you read it, as some people may be embarrassed because they started reading especially early or especially late, though I can’t imagine anyone in the litosphere criticizing anyone else based on when they started to read.)

I got this from slayground.

Hardback or trade paperback or mass market paperback?
I like all three, but I like mass market best, because they fit in my purse.

Bookmark or dog-ear?
Bookmark.  I have a recent tradition of asking for one type of small cheapie gift for my birthday, making my friends’ shopping easy but leaving room for creativity.  The first year I did this, it was mints.  This year, it’s going to be bookmarks.

Alphabetize by author, alphabetize by title, or random?
Sort into genres and then alphabetize by author.  Then by title or if it’s a series, chronological order of publication.

Keep, throw away, or sell?
Keep or give away.  When I get rid of books it’s only to lighten shelves, so I donate them to thrift stores.  This provides some people who might not otherwise be able to afford them with some good books.  It’s a deduction on my taxes.  It also keeps me from the used bookstore trap, wherein they offer you lots more value in store credit than they do in cash, and you just end up with more books.

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Over at Jen Robinson’s Book Page I found this meme:

Where do you do most of your reading? Your favorite spot?

I do most of my reading while in motion.  When I go for walks is when I read the most.  Otherwise, it’s a toss up between the couch and bed.  The couch on which I read is big, hideously mustard-colored, and comfy.  It’s one of those weird segmented couches, with a corner pieces, two pieces with only one side to them, and one piece with no side at all.  (When I say side I really mean arm, I guess.)  We’ve pushed these together to create a vaguely bed-shaped thing.  When I read in bed, I use the Bedrest Pillow my boyfriend discarded due to its non-working circuitry.  He got a new one and I got his old one.  It doesn’t have the massage/light/heat functionality, since it’s broken, but it does let me sit up in bed.

I can think of two favorite spots to read.  One is on my grandmother’s patio, in Florida.  When the weather is just right, around Christmastime, it’s a lovely 70ish degrees Fahrenheit and a breeze is blowing.  I sit and I read and no one disturbs me.  The other spot is the porch of my boyfriend’s family’s beach condo.  I’ve only been there twice, but my ritual was to wake up every morning and go sit on the porch and just read until he woke up.  The sound of the waves and the smell of saltwater serve as a perfect backdrop for a good book.

Kelly at Big A, little a tagged me to list 5 Non KidLit Blogs I read. We’ll skip over the part where I gush about how exciting it is to be tagged for a meme. (It very rarely happens to me. So, it’s exciting.)

I’ve been in the blogosphere in general a much longer time than I’ve been in the kidlitosphere, so let’s see what I can come up with.

We’ll start with more plugs for Sonja Foust. Sonja has been my friend since we were in chorus class together in 9th grade. I think we had another class together too, but I’m ashamed to admit I can’t recall which classes were with her and which were with her twin, Joanna. I’ve always been able to tell them apart, though, so that should count for something. Sonja’s blog is about her adventures in the realm of romance noveling. Also, her husband and dog. Sonja is very funny, which is what separates her from a good number of romance novelists.

I’m tempted to cheat by just listing all my livejournal friends from my personal journal but that’s hardly fair, so I’ll only give you one. elfstar18 is another of my real life friends, who talks about lots of different things in a writing style that’s always entertaining. Recently she’s been talking about comic books a lot. I’m sure she has good things to say, but I can’t verify it because I’ve been staying away for fear of spoilers.

Catwalk Queen is a fashion blog, which always keeps me up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not. Its editor-in-chief, Gemma Cartwright, and its other contributors are avid readers, so many of the posts are more literary than you might find at other fashion blogs. There is even a series of posts about book-inspired outfits. So far there’s Harry Potter, Famous Five, Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, and Madeline.

Shoewawa is brought to you by the same people as Catwalk Queen; it provides me with an endless supply of pictures of shoes to drool over and never buy.

Lastly, I give you Jane Espenson’s blog. Jane is one of my top 3 favorite screenwriters (tied, really, with Joss Whedon and Tim Minear) and her blog consists mostly of advice for others who’d like to have her job. She’s always clever and very literary, and one time we both had car maintenance done on the same day. I take this as a sign that we’re meant to be friends.

I tag Little Willow at Bildungsroman, Miss Erin, and anyone else who cares to participate.

This Character Meme was created by Miss Erin.

Character you’d most like to have over for tea?
Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. I think Elinor and I would get along very well, and could talk about how much we love our families while we sipped our tea and ate scones. Mmm, scones.

Character you’d most like to have as a sibling?
Harriet M. Welch from Harriet the Spy. My actual sister was nicknamed Harriet for a long time, because when the movie came out, she and Michelle Trachtenberg looked a lot alike. They don’t really look alike anymore but there were enough similarities between bookHarriet and my sister that it wouldn’t seem an odd addition to the family.

Character you’d most like to be friends with?
Lola Cepp from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, in whom I see myself entirely, and Cyd Charisse from Gingerbread et al, who is nothing like me. Lola is the sister of my heart, the kind of person you could be friends with for a lifetime. Cyd Charisse is so much wilder than myself, but she’s a little crazy and I think there’s a level on which we’d understand each other very well.

Character you’d most like to have as a cousin?
I don’t have any first cousins at all in real life! I’m not really sure what a cousinly relationship entails. I think I would like Claudia Kishi from the Babysitters’ Club as my cousin. She could teach me all the good places to hide junkfood, and also how to dress well.

Character you’d most like to have an adventure with?
Sequiro from Piers Anthony’s mode books, because he’s a telepathic horse.

Favorite quirky character?
Pippi Longstocking leaps to mind. Do I have to explain?

Favorite love-to-hate character?
I don’t love to hate anybody, but I do think The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is incredible.

Favorite bad guy?
Snape, because he’s not. But he is. But he’s not. But he is. Etc.

No one tagged me specifically, so I’m not going to tag anyone else specifically, but if you want to do it, you should.