Since I’m now working as a middle school librarian, I feel like what I read is inextricably tied to how I work. Because of that, I’ve imported all the posts from my lectitans reading blog to this blog.  From now on, all reading posts will be made here in the category “Reading.”  I will not make any new posts at either of the earlier lectitans sites.

My column in the January 2011 issue of School Library Monthly, entitled “Resolving the Quiet Crisis: Reading Apprenticeships in Middle and High Schools” and co-authored with Katelyn Browne and Elizabeth Koehler, is now available.

So I’ll be using this space to chronicle my journey through library school over the next couple of years, because that’s pretty much what my life is going to be.  We had orientation today, where I learned some new things and had old learnings reinforced.  I’m looking forward to the first day of class tomorrow, though I suspect I’ll have a terrible time getting to sleep tonight because I’ll be so excited.

My course schedule this semester includes:

  • Human Information Interactions
  • Information Tools
  • The School Library Media Center
  • Young Adult Literature and Related Materials

I’m also working as a Graduate Assistant for LEARN NC.

I plan to talk here about my experiences and the issues we deal with in class.  My reactions to the readings for the YA Lit class will be recorded at lectitans, my reading blog.  I don’t plan to talk about any issues I might have in my personal relationships at school, so please don’t expect that.

I do a lot of blog reading, in topics including blogging, craft, educational technology, fashion, video games, children’s and young adult literature, organization, personal branding, personal development, personal finance, productivity, and writing. Via a post on the Personal Branding Blog, I found this excellent post: You don’t need a blog topic. Just start writing.

I’m forever starting new blogs on niche topics. Currently I have them on the topics of craft/design, personal development, reading, and theatre. But I’ve felt a new project coming on, and Monica’s post inspired me. Her advice:

Write about what you’re learning.

I’m learning all the time. It is my favorite thing to do. So here at, that’s what I’m going to do: write about what I’m learning. This may fall under any of the categories about which I read.  Learning is always bringing in something new, and will always give me plenty about which to write.

So welcome. I hope you learn from my learning!

Welcome to my new home on the web.  Please take a look around!