I’m a freelance librarian, which basically means that I do the kind of work a librarian does, but on a contractual basis. Here’s what you need to know about how I work:

  • I provide deliverables.
  • I rely on my expertise and offer advice.
  • I document my processes so your in-house team can replicate them later.
  • Pricing is value-based (per project) rather than hourly, and my pricing varies depending on your organization’s budget and mission.

Here are the kinds of things I can do:

  • speak
  • teach
  • organize information, including content strategy and metadata analysis
  • search for literature
  • create systems that deliver literature in your area of interest to your inbox
  • write annotated bibliographies or literature reviews
  • create a list of books to read based on books you’ve enjoyed in the past or a topic you need covered
  • help you get the most out of your public or academic library’s services

Want to work with me?
My client roster is currently full through Spring 2020. I’m accepting new clients for work beginning in Summer 2020. To set up an initial meeting, contact me.

Current Projects

I’m currently working as a metadata analyst for the National Humanities Center as they prepare to migrate their educational content to a new website. My work for the NHC includes:

  • conducting a content inventory of a subset of educational content items to determine metadata needs
  • developing a custom set of education-related metadata elements and controlled vocabularies
  • applying that metadata to the inventoried items
  • creating documentation for the metadata application process