I have experience speaking on library services for diverse youth, culturally sustaining pedagogy in the school library, copyright in the school library, defending books against challenges, family history research in the school library, using university-supported digital library collections in the K-12 classroom, instructional technology, working with the Common Core State Standards, and leadership in the school library. I have spoken at state and national conferences and acted as a guest lecturer in graduate-level library science courses.

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Connected Learning and the IndieWeb

Selected Past Presentation Titles
Beyond the Collection: Thinking Holistically About Effective Library Services for Diverse Youth (with Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Casey Rawson)
Leveraging Digital Learning Environments for Professional Development (with Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Casey Rawson)
Transforming Your Lessons for Equity (with Casey Rawson)
#OwnVoices Literature in the Classroom (with Casey Rawson)
Copyright without fear: Understanding copyright to support library services (with Will Cross)
Gearing up for book challenges (with Will Cross)
Every source tells a story: Family history research in the library media center (with Kendra Allen, Lesley Richardson, and Kristen Ziller)
Using university-supported digital library collections in the K-12 classroom
The teacher librarian as instructional leader (with Emily Jack)

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