#dailytarot single card pull: The Knight of Chalices (Son of Cups),Tarot of Pagan Cats. It seems right that for my first pull, I pulled the card that when reading #wtfistarot I thought, "Yes, that is me." @bakaraw calls this the Art Bro. It’s a uniting of masculine & feminine energy (very me) in someone who is creative, but has found ways to use that creativity within a structure and turned it to profit. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role of creativity in academic writing and just finished writing my most personal and creative piece of academic writing to date last night. When I look at this cat, I see somebody who isn’t completely out of touch with the waters of emotions, but who has harnessed tools that help keep her dry. Her steed carries her deliberately, and is a steed that does thrive in the water. She is in touch with emotions and intuition, but not drenched or drowning. The message I take from pulling this card today is that I should be me 100%.