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Parenting in the time of coronavirus

W. and I are both working from home and caring for our three-year-old son, M. In the mornings, M. and I. log on for a Zoom call with his preschool teacher, the 3 students who are on campus with her, and the other 2 students who are logging in from home. We have a brief meeting with them, hang up while they have a snack and we read or play, then call again for their work time. M. usually chooses his own activity, sometimes based on a suggestion from his teacher. Right now he’s really enjoying Magnatiles, Legos, and painting. After we get off that call, we play or do a bath for a while, and then watch some TV: something from PBS Kids, StoryBots or Numberblocks, or a Studio Ghibli movie. In the afternoons, W’s mom comes over to be with M. for several hours, which is the only reason I ever get any work done.


I finished writing and formatting my dissertation and submitted it to my committee! My defense is scheduled for April 14, 1 - 3 pm EDT. Get in touch if you’d like a Zoom invite.

Reading so many books

I’m reading a lot of books. Like, a lot. At once. I’m not finishing as many.

Last updated March 20, 2020.

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