(This is a Hello page, and if you have your own site, you should make one too.)

Last updated January 28, 2024.

Here is how I prefer to keep in touch:

  • My favorite way to converse is email.
  • I mainly write on my website.
  • Check my Follow page for the best ways to keep up with me.
  • I use LinkedIn to connect with professionals in fields of interest to me and keep up with the job market. I occasionally syndicate work-related posts from my blog to LinkedIn.
  • I sometimes cross-post from my website to Instagram.
  • I sometimes use Tumblr to keep up with fannish interests but do not use it regularly.
  • I only use Facebook for groups and am not accepting new friends currently.
  • I sometimes cross-post from my website to Twitter.
  • My website automatically cross-posts everything to Bluesky.
  • I use Micro.blog to follow Mastodon users. My website acts as my Mastodon account.