Yesterday’s #dailytarot pull: the two of wands, Tarot of Pagan Cats. I pulled this yesterday & re-read the description from #wtfistarot & @bakaraw: "Let’s Do the Damn Thing." (p. 79) "Okay, but what IS the thing?" I thought. To me, this cat looks like she’s ready to do the thing but is looking out across the water, waiting for the cat who will partner with her to arrive. I didn’t know what the thing was. Later, I got a tweet from a Master’s student about how the Coalition of Youth Librarians wanted to partner with me on starting a local chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance (@thehpalliance). At first, I said, "It’s too much for me right now." I had an email from HPA in my inbox responding to my filling out the chapter form, but I’d snoozed it until January. Then, as I was listening to the @dreamfreedombeauty intro episode & they were talking about what manifestation feels like and following a feeling, I thought about how I had literal physical chills during the HPA presentation at #AASL17. I thought about the tweet. I thought about how sure, running a chapter is too much for me alone, but maybe not too much in partnership with others who want to do it anyway (rather than friends I might have invited who weren’t as committed). I thought about how the two of wands "encourages fearlessness in our decisions." I thought, "You know what? Let’s do the damn thing." So COYL will discuss it at their next meeting, then I’ll meet with those of them who want to do it, and then we’ll really get started in January.