Today’s #dailytarot draw: Judgment. Card from the Tarot of Pagan Cats. Text from #wtfistarot by @bakaraw.

This cat has a beautiful home and all the tools he needs to do his work. He is secure on this balcony, but is looking beyond it. If he chooses to leap, he will be fine: cats' bodies can actually turn into little parachutes. If he chooses to stay, he will be fine. He is connected to the divine in himself, as represented by the cat in the stars.

The night that my dear friend @folio_ninja told me he was moving away, I did a simple, three card past-present-future reading with the question, “What’s going to happen to our friendship?” Judgment was the card in the present slot, and I interpreted it at that time to mean that, at present, we had both sort of come into full maturity with the friendship, and we were both ready for the next thing.

A month later, another friend contacted me, asking for help picking out a quote to have illustrated as a going-away gift for @folio_ninja. I remembered a beautiful note he had given someone else at an improv practice: “Trust that you can go bigger.” His sister presented him with that quote, illustrated and signed by many of his friends, on stage at his last improv show here. The friend who had contacted me explained to the audience that the quote was @folio_ninja’s own note. He said, “Kimberly picked it out.” Eyes shimmering with tears, @folio_ninja answered, “I know.” Today, I’m planning to book the hotel for my first visit to @folio_ninja in his new/old home.

Let’s all trust that we can go bigger. We are #magiceverydamnday.